Three Total War games get Definitive Editions, free to existing owners

Creative Assembly announced today that three of its classic Total War games have received the Definitive Edition treatment, which sadly doesn't mean remasters, but complete editions that come included with all of their expansions and DLC packs. The games are Total War: Empire, Total War: Medieval II, and Total War: Napoleon.

However, that's not all, as everyone who owned at least the base games of these titles on Steam have received upgrades to the new Definitive Editions, giving them any missing DLC for free.

The Definitive Edition of Total War: Empire from 2009 comes with The Warpath Campaign, Elite Units of the East, and Elite Units of America DLC packs. 2006's Total War: Medieval II now has the Kingdoms expansion included in its Definitive Edition. Lastly, Total War: Napoleon from 2010 now arrives with Coalition Battle Pack, The Peninsular Campaign, Imperial Eagle Pack, and Heroes of the Napoleonic Wars DLC.

The free upgrade should now be in effect to all those who owned the games previously, as the base games' store pages have been replaced by the Definitive Editions on Steam already. All three new versions come with $24.99 price tags.

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