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Till 'click' us do part

I saw something about this on TechTV last night, so I dug around and came up with this.

Seattle lawyer has created a website for those who want the ultimate in quickie divorces. Randy Finney's www.completecase.com site offers ready-made divorce forms online.

All that is required for couples to end their 'life-long' commitment is an internet connection and $249. The out-of-love couple then print, sign and mail the forms to their local court.

However, the system only works in US states where one of the aggrieved parties does not have to appear in court.

US legal experts have warned that do-it-yourself divorces such as Finney's can only be used in extremely simple cases in which property and child custody are not being debated.

Finney claims to have received 200 requests from Texas residents alone asking about the service.

The service has naturally attracted the anger of church groups across America which feel that being able to divorce at the click of a mouse cheapens the act of marriage.

News source: vnunet

View: CompleteCase.com

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