Time Magazine Warns Apple Competitors Concerning MacBook

Time Magazine has declared Apple's new MacBook to be a "powerful and affordable" computer. The magazine has published its first review of Apple's consumer notebook, and it's full of praise. It even observes that buying one could make sense to anyone looking for a new PC.

"The next version (of Windows) Vista might be a success, but with a MacBook you can hedge your bet. You get a computer that runs both Mac OS X and Windows XP today, and even appears to meet the minimum requirements for Vista once it gets here," the report declares.

The review also notes that while some features that exist within the MacBook Pros aren't there, but that doesn't detract from its value: "The MacBook has most of what its pricier sibling the MacBook Pro offers," it reports. A built-in iSight camera, Apple Remote, MagSafe, Bluetooth and external monitor support are noteworthy, according to Time.

The reviewer also tested Apple's Boot Camp software. "On startup, I can choose the Mac OS or Windows, and everything I tried in the latter environment worked as well as it could have," he notes. "I even tested out MTV's Urge service with - Jobs forgive me - an iRiver Clix music player. It all worked together even more smoothly than it had done on my high-powered Dell desktop," he reports.

"Dell and HP should be very worried indeed," the report concludes.

News source: Macworld UK

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