Tomb Raider NG...

Ferrago UK posted a preview of the upcoming Tomb Raider (Next Generation) game that looks like it will be something a little more innovative than the last couple Core has cranked out (at least in the technology department). Here's a taste of that:

The graphics have also come under the critical spotlight for their lack of innovation, and Core will apparently be silencing their critics with a game delivering the very finest in environments and character detail, utilizing the full potential of next-generation consoles and PC technology. Most notable improvements include those made to the detail and realism of character models which now sport in the region of 5,000 polygons. Core have also upped the ante on the animation front, the movement of the game, and hopefully the control, now proving more fluid and life-like – we can only hope Core have taken a leaf out of Max Payne's book on this front. The environments will also mark a massive improvement over previous titles and will be far more detailed and life-like as well.

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News source: VE

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