Treasure may develop games for nintendo revolution

In a December 2005 issue of Nintendo Power, Treasure president and co-founder Masato Maegawa discussed the developer's latest title, Gunstar Super Heroes for the Game Boy Advance. Maegawa also provided his opinions on the next gen consoles, including the Nintendo Revolution.

Nintendo Power: What are your thoughts on the next-generation systems, and what do you think of the challenges will be with the new hardware?

Maegawa: We are already working on a next-generation title. The specs are really high compared to previous systems. We are having a hard time deciding where we should stop [in terms of exploiting the hardware].

Nintendo Power: Have you had any discussions with Nintendo regarding the Revolution?

Maegawa: We have started to talk about the Revolution with Nintendo, but not in any great detail. Please wait a little longer.

The full interview can be read in volume 198 of Nintendo Power. Maegawa-san also confirmed that his studio are currently working on a next-gen title, though details of this game were also not discussed.

News source: TVG

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