Unboxing Lenovo's ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25

On October 5, 1992, the IBM ThinkPad 700C was born. It included such cutting-edge specs like a 25MHz (upgradeable to a whopping 50MHz) 80486 processor, a 10.4-inch LCD, and a 120MB hard drive, all for $4,350.

Fast-forward by exactly 25 years; the ThinkPad brand was acquired by Lenovo, and the company is celebrating the 25th anniversary of its most iconic line of PCs. Lenovo announced the ThinkPad Anniversary Edition 25 on October 5, 2017, combining retro features with modern specs.

Naturally, Windows 3.1 has been replaced by Windows 10, and the 486 processor is now a seventh-generation Core i7. The 120MB hard drive is now a 512GB SSD, and it includes 16GB of RAM.

But the classic seven-row keyboard is there, right down to the blue Enter key. The ThinkPad logo is also the RGB design, which is all-silver on modern devices.

Aside from that though, the body is modeled after the ThinkPad T470. Check out our unboxing and first impressions video:

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