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Undisker is a disk image utility that can handle disk image files—create, open, write, view and extract them. A disk image file (or simply a disk image) is a complete binary copy of a source disk, including its boot sectors, FAT tables, all of its files and folders, and other system-specific information. For more information about disk images, see Disk Images Explained. Undisker works with disk images of CDs, floppy disks, and removable drives like Iomega Zip. Undisker's interface is easy to use and already familiar to anyone who uses WinZip or Windows Explorer. Drag-and-drop support allows you to handle disk image files as if they were WinZip archives—you can extract any file from a disk image without having to burn the image to a CD or write it to a floppy; and you can view its files by double-clicking them just like in Windows Explorer.

Undisker Features:

* Create disk images of floppies, hard drives, removable drives and CDs.
* Open ISO, IMG and IMA disk image files.
* Write disk image data directly to target disks.
* Extract files and folders from disk images.
* View contents and properties of disk image files.
* Extract files from damaged disk images.

Version History Undisker - Version

New Disk Capturing Engine
* Hard disk capturing module for all Windows platforms
* CD/DVD capturing engine for all Windows platforms
* Full support of multisession CDs
* Now reads CDs with damaged structure and invalid volume headers

Now with CD/DVD Burning
* Burn your CD/DVD image to any recordable media
* Support for all modern CD/DVD burning devices (MMC2-compliants)

New Filesystems
* Support for all Microsoft Windows filesystems (FAT, CDFS, NTFS)
* Extract files from disk images which are not supported by Windows
* Support for filenames on any language
* Support for popular multisession CD/DVD image formats

* Fixed Bugs:
* Fixed bugs multisession support
* Fixed some bugs in FAT integrity checking
* Fixed minor bug with ElTorito Volume interpretation

Download: Undisker (shareware)
Screenshot: >> Click here
Undisker Home Page

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