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User claims Microsoft support activated their Windows 10 copy with pirated script

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Fake Microsoft Support is a popular scam bad people use to trick inexperienced customers into purchasing Google Play Store, Amazon, Apple iTunes, and other gift cards in exchange for fake virus removal, fixing bugs, driver updates, and other non-essential "support." These often result in hilarious videos on YouTube (besides lost money, infected systems, and other nastiness), but even legit support can be a source of funny stories.

One such story happened to a user on Twitter with the handle @TCNOco. They claim the official Microsoft Support activated their Windows 10 copy with a pirated script (via Dr.Windows).

It all started when @TCNOco could not activate the operating system with a valid Windows 10 Professional key purchased in the Microsoft Store. The initial chat with support resulted in nothing, so the issue was elevated. A Microsoft representative then logged into the computer using the Quick Assist app and ran a command, resulting in a successful Windows activation.

As it turned out, the support agent used an unofficial script to activate the operating system. @TCNOco contacted the script developer, who confirmed that the activation method has nothing to do with Microsoft (in other words, crack). They even said @TCNOco is not the first to report this:

This is the second time someone reported here that it's being used by Microsoft support agents.

It's not official and not legal.

Technically, @TCNOco can use the activated operating system since they purchased a valid license key from a legitimate source. However, it is not about the legitimacy—the frustrated user said they spent $200 on the OS to avoid downloading third-party activation software. It all ended with Microsoft injecting a cracking script for them.

Ticket closed, another happy customer!

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