Verizon to finally sell Samsung Galaxy Nexus Thursday

The United States has waited while parts of Europe and even Canada have been able to purchase Samsung's Galaxy Nexus smartphone. On Thursday, it will finally be the US's turn. Verizon Wireless has now issued the official press release that confirms it will be selling the smartphone in its stores on Thursday. Online sales will apparently begin early this morning at 1 am Eastern Time.

Verizon apparently had the smartphone, the first with Google's new Android 4.0 installed, in its stores but locked up in the back for a number of days. Speculation went wild on the Internet as to why Verizon was holding off on selling the smartphone, from rumors of a major software update to adding support for Google Wallet. In the end, Verizon never really discussed why they delayed the launch of the Galaxy Nexus.

In any case, US citizens will be able to walk in a Verizon Wireless store on Thursday and walk out with the Galaxy Nexus if they pay $299.99 and sign up for a new two year contract. You can still check out Neowin's review of the Galaxy Nexus along with the Android 4.0 oerating system ahead of time to make sure this is the smartphone you or perhaps a friend might want for the holidays.

Image via Verizon

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