Verizon will start purging unlimited plan users that average 200GB or more

Earlier today we reported how AT&T would be increasing grandfathered unlimited plans by $5. Now it appears that Verizon is taking things a step further by disconnecting those on its unlimited plan that average 200GB of use consistently on a monthly basis.

When it comes to unlimited data plans, it's a bit of sticky situation. When these plans were first introduced, data usage wasn't a priority for many subscribers. But as time passed and our devices and content consumption evolved, the need for data quickly escalated. Although not everyone uses an excessive amount, it appears that there are a small percentage of users that rely heavily on their unlimited data.

For these individuals, Verizon will be disconnecting their service this week if they are not willing to migrate to one of the newer plans by February 16. Those looking to switch won't even come close to the 200GB that was previously being used, with Verizon currently offering a 100GB plan for $450 a month. If these customers choose to stay with Verizon, they will surely be paying quite a bit going forward.

Source and image: Droid Life

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