Videogames will save entertainment industry

An article on IGN has an interesting take on the Video Game industry. According to projections from PricewaterhouseCoopers the worldwide Entertainment sector will grow by 7.3% to $1.9 Trillion by 2009. The Video Game sector however will see an incredible growth of 16.5% to $55 Billion by 2009 and this does not include hardware sales.

Of course, the region that will dominate these numbers is the Asia-Pacific region with a total of $23 Billion in sales and a growth of 18% in 2009. Just behind is Europe where an estimated $14.3 Billion in sales and a growth of 19.1% will occur in 2009. In third place is the United States, where in 2009 it is expected to see sales top $15.1 Billion and see a growth rate of 12.1%.

As with any projections, certain restrictions apply. Such as, how the next-generation consoles sell.

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