VR support is coming to Minecraft on PlayStation 4 as a free update

Minecraft, Mojang's block-based sandbox sensation, has had virtual reality support for years now on PC, and now, PlayStation 4 consoles are finally gaining the capability. Announced today on the PlayStation Blog, Mojang's Roger Carpenter explained that the feature has been on the cards since Minecraft Bedrock and its cross-platform capabilities were confirmed to be arriving for the PlayStation ecosystem.

The new VR support will be made available as a free update on the PlayStation 4 version of Minecraft, offering everyone with a PS VR setup access to the feature. Much like the PC implementation, this isn't a separate game mode, meaning it lets all platforms and input-methods join together for the full experience.

Players will be able to use their DualShock 4 controller to "move around and do all the crafting and choppy/fighty things." In addition to settings for tweaking the VR experience, the Immersive and Living Room viewing modes will be available here too. The former puts players right into the world, while the latter has them in an in-game room where they play Minecraft on a screen in front of them, which should be better for those that suffer from motion sickness.

The Minecraft PSVR update wasn't given an exact release date today, but it is launching this month. Meanwhile, Minecraft Live is slated to kick off next month as a fully digital event, offering fans glimpses at upcoming updates, mobs, and more that are heading to the Microsoft-owned title.

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