Watch Steve Ballmer bring all his energy to the LA Clippers

It was not long ago the Steve Ballmer finally became the rightful owner of the LA Clippers and for a man who is known for having a large amount of energy when in the spotlight, absolutely nothing has changed since he has left Microsoft. In a video posted to Instagram, you can see Ballmer heading out on to the floor at the Clippers fan festival. 

When Ballmer was at Microsoft, there was no doubt that he always brought energy to every room he entered and every time he took the stage, it was always a spectacle to see him take control of presentation. In short, the man has a lot of energy and even more passion which he is now taking to the LA Clippers.

You can watch video at the top of this post but know that this is standard Steve Ballmer and it is what he does best, bringing passion to everything that he does. 

And Ballmer is not gone from Microsoft, while he may own the LA Clippers, he still has a seat on the board of Microsoft too.

Source: Instagram

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