WhartonBrooks is holding a public event in Connecticut to talk about its new Windows phone [Update]

Last week, WhartonBrooks announced that this fall, it would be launching a mysterious new Windows phone. The firm didn't say anything about specs, or even what the device would be called, only promising that it would be high-end.

In fact, the company made some bold claims as well. It said that, "The innovations we are bringing to our devices will be the most disruptive since the advent of the smartphone in 2000." Clearly, WhartonBrooks plans to top Apple's 2007 launch of the iPhone and Google's 2008 launch of Android.

We have no idea what the company means by any of this as it hasn't provided specifics, but soon, you'll be able to ask. WhartonBrooks is holding an event at the Microsoft Store in the WestFarms Mall in West Hartford, Connecticut on September 10 at 11am.

The event will be open to anyone that wants to find out more about the company's story and what it's up to. There will also be small gift bags, which will offer discounts on future products, as well as a friends and family discount on Microsoft Store purchases.

If you can't make it to Connecticut but you live in the northeast, no worries. This is just one of several events that the firm plans to hold between New England and New York.

Update: WhartonBrooks has provided us with a link where you can register for the event.

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