What if Office 365 was a car or dessert? Two new videos have the answer

Microsoft has been known to release promo videos for their products that are a little out of left field, such as the Japanese TV ads for Windows 8. Today, Microsoft debuted two new videos on YouTube that offer a new way to look at Office 365; a very new way.

One of the videos show people, who we assume are Office 365 team members, describing what Office 365 would be if it were a car. As you might imagine, there are a ton of different answers that are given for a question that we have never considered before. Some think Office 365 is like a high end sports car like a Ferrari or a Lamborghini, while others think it is a more practical car such as a Beetle or a Mini-van. One of the team members went out of the box, saying that if Office 365 were a car, it would be a plane. Ok.

The other new video asks the question, "If Office 365 was a dessert, what would it be?" This topic seems to take the people in the video some time to wrap their mind around but eventually they answer the question with a few different responses. They include a cheesecake, a cupcake, an apple pie and a well done tiramisu.

We have no idea who came up with these videos in the Office 365 marketing department, but they are fun to watch. Enjoy.

Source: Office on YouTube

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