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Where Linux gets investment.. Microsoft invests more

Continuing from our previous report that Microsoft will be targeting Indian developers, they have now announced a move which will allow them to gain a stronger position in India.

A few weeks ago an initiative was announced to promote Linux in India and, not surprisingly, Microsoft have struck back with $400m to promote their systems over the coming few years.

While visiting India Gates has said: "Today, India is of strategic importance to our business and will continue to be so as its developer and skill base continues to grow". This is clearly a move to attempt to stop Linux getting a foothold and halt the Indian government's Department of Information Technology, which has started the Linux India Initiative, a plan which attempts to embrace open-source technology.

The Microsoft initiative is to be named Project Shiksha and it involves trying to target schools and educational establishments so a future generation of computer users will be using their software. It is estimated that the number of people the project will allow money for is 80,000 teachers and 3.5 million school pupils.

News source: ZDNet

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