Where your money goes when you buy an iPhone

There is no doubt that the iPhone is a cash cow for Apple and AT&T. But, behind the iPhone is a long line of other companies who are reaping the benefits of supplying parts and services to Apple. Have you ever wondered how all that money is distributed? GigaOM has put together an incredible info graphic that explains in great detail where all that cash is flowing too.

The graphic does shed some light on to how much AT&T has to fork over to Apple for each phone sold; the graphic states that AT&T does not break even until the 17th month of a 24 month contract for heavy data users. This goes to show that AT&T serves the iPhone as a high volume, low margin type device for the carrier.

It should be noted that some of the numbers in the graphic are estimates but they are reasonable estimates based off of trusted sources and Apple's own earnings.

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