White Nokia Lumia 900 on sale right now

The Nokia Lumia 900 is already a sales hit in both its cyan and black versions. Indeed, some stores are still reporting sellouts of the Windows Phone device nearly two weeks after the phone was released. Amazon.com's wireless store has the cyan colored version on back order and Best Buy's website also doesn't have any units of the cyan version available to purchase.

Now people who have been waiting for the white Lumia 900 might be able to walk in an AT&T store right now and get one, if they are quick enough and if their local AT&T store has it available. Chris Weber, the head of Nokia's North America operations, posted some Twitter messages with pictures of people going into their local AT&T store today (such as the one above) and picking up the white Lumia 900.

Weber confirmed that officially, AT&T isn't supposed to sell the white Lumia 900 until Sunday but added, " ... a number of the AT&T stores are apparently releasing them early today." Considering that the Lumia 900 sales seem to be doing very well, we don't think Weber minds too much about this sales embargo being broken. We also suspect that the white version might be even harder to get a hold of than the cyan colored Lumia 900.

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