Intel Q1 financials: $12.91b revenue, $2.7b income

Intel announced its financial results for the first quarter of the year, beating the analysts’ expectations and starting what the company called another growth year. Net incomes are down because of a missing week compared to Q1 2011.

In the so called “post-PC era”, it seems, Santa Clara still beats the expectations: revenues for the first three months of the year amounted to 12.91 billion dollars, a slightly higher figure than the 12.85 billion dollars of Q1 2011 and the 12.84 billion dollars predicted by the analysts. Net incomes were 2.7 billion dollars, lower than the 3.16 billions of the last years due to the aforementioned missing week.

Intel CEO Paul Otellini described the first quarter results as “a solid start” of what should be the umpteenth great year for Chipzilla’s business. In that regard, the company raised revenue expectations for the second quarter of the year to 13.6 billions – Wall Streets experts expect no more than 13.43 billion dollars instead.

Intel’s new “solid” financial results come as the microchip industry is slowly but steadily recovering from the HDD market crisis caused by the Thailand floods, while the long-time competitor AMD has to deal with remarkable losses mostly due to the cost of complex financial operations.

In the foreseeable future, Intel promises to rock the chip market with its upcoming x86 CPU-based smartphones and the mass production of 22nm CPUs based on the company’s new “tri-gate” transistor technology – also known as the “3D chip technology”.

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