WhyIGotInfected (WIGI) 2.1

WhyIGotInfected (WIGI)

Lot of malware come from third party vulnerabilities exploitation, triggered by “exploit kits”, and often distributed by malvertising (infected ads that can be displayed on ANY website, even legit and popular).

A popular example of such malware is FBI ransomware or Police/Gendarmerie ransomware (also known as Urausy ransomware), that used to spread through infected ads, targeting users with outdated Java plugin.

Microsoft and most popular web browsers also publish lot of fixes against vulnerabilities exploitation into their service packs or new versions. It’s very important to keep your operating system, your browser and your plugins up-to-date to avoid being constantly reinfected just by watching ads.

WIGI watches the following list of critical plugins or programs for outdated version:

  • Operating System (OS) services packs
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Java
  • Adobe Flash ActiveX (IE)
  • Adobe Flash Firefox plugin
  • Adobe Flash

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