Will Your Next Display Be 3D?

Yasushi Yamamoto thinks the time may be right for three-dimensional display technology. Twenty years after a generation of movie-goers filed into theaters, 3D glasses in hand, to watch a mechanical shark lunge at them in "Jaws 3D", the Sharp employee says a new generation of display technologies may soon have you dodging computer-generated foes, getting a close up view of a bug on the rain forest's floor, or taking a stomach-churning trip inside your own body.

He's not alone. Led by Sharp and Sanyo Electric, more than 100 companies formed the 3D Consortium (3DC) a year ago to jointly promote 3D hardware and software. Among the group, of which Yamamoto works for the management secretariat, are some of the best known names in electronics, including Sony, Toshiba, Samsung Electronics, and LG Electronics. The group was formed to solve a classic chicken-and-egg problem dogging 3D, Yamamoto says: Without an installed base of hardware there is no software, but nobody wants to pay a premium for hardware without software.

News source: PCWorld

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