Windows 11's new custom wallpaper brings festive theme to its rounded geometry

Windows 11&039s custom wallpaper

In preparation for the Holiday season, Microsoft has released the latest custom desktop wallpaper for its Windows 11 users. It has partnered with the Haitian American creative director, Kervin Brisseaux, who incorporates elements of architecture, fashion, and music into his illustration style, to create the custom Windows 11 desktop wallpaper.

Regarding his perspective, Brisseaux stated:

[What inspires] me changes as frequently as the weather, but lately I’ve been inspired by vibrant hues, patterns and designs that play with shapes in both minimal and dense compositions. Thematically, I’ve always been inspired by pop culture and what’s currently playing through my headphones... The composition also creates a surreal landscape, offering a sense of adventure and potential new beginnings on the horizon.

Windows 11&039s custom wallpaper

The abstract artwork of the custom wallpaper integrates "the magical, vibrant nature of the holidays" with the updated design of Windows 11. With the new wallpaper displaying the OS's rounded geometry merged with a festive theme, Windows 11 users now get more options to customize their devices.

The announcement from the company also mentioned:

The light and bright elements of the visual story Brisseaux imagined for his background track with the new color palette and softer, more approachable graphics of Windows 11. Soft floral elements and ribbons play on the operating system’s modern and engaging rounded geometry, while invoking holiday gift-giving traditions.

To download the custom Brisseaux's wallpaper, head over to the dedicated webpage here. For our complete coverage of Windows 11, along with guides on how you can install Windows 11 update, and how you can go back to Windows 10, visit the webpage here. For more information about Windows 11's features, you can check out our Closer Look articles.

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