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Leaked Windows 11 pre-release build reveals a unique Windows wallpaper

A modified Windows 10 wallpaper found in build 21380

This week, a pre-release Windows 11 build made it to the public. Version 21380 was never publicly announced, so enthusiasts did what enthusiasts do and went deep into the build's guts to see what was inside the early Windows 11 build. They uncovered a weird mix of Windows 10 and 11 and a unique default wallpaper.

Unlike public Windows 11 builds and their Bloom wallpaper, pre-release version 21380 has a modified Windows 10 wallpaper (via @XenoPanther), different from what we used to see before. It is the third variant of the picture Microsoft introduced in 2015 (here is how the company created it), with slightly dimmer lights and toned-down colors.

A late prototype of the Windows 10 stock wallpaper found in a leaked Windows 11 build

We do not know the story behind this wallpaper, but some may say it represents the end of the Windows 10 era with its lights going down. Regardless, it is a neat wallpaper and great addition to your stock picture collection. Other than the new picture, build 21380 does not feature anything groundbreaking or previously unseen. And like most pre-release builds, it will contain bugs and unfinished features.

This is not the first Windows 11 pre-release build leaking to the public, nor the first prototype wallpaper. In the Summer of 2021, just several days before Windows 11's public debut, build 21996 spilled the beans on the upcoming OS and revealed some of its features. In 2022, users discovered an early "petal-like" version of the stock Bloom wallpaper.

If you want more awesome wallpapers for your PC, check out this official modern take on the iconic Windows XP "Bliss" wallpaper. Also, someone decided to look at what is beneath the Bloom wallpaper and extended the picture using the power of artificial intelligence. Finally, Microsoft is working on AI-powered effects for desktop backgrounds. Although the feature is not available for testing yet, you can check it out in action here.

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