Windows 8: So easy, a child will show you how to use it

Since Windows 8 was launched on Oct. 26, one of the most common perceptions among casual computer users is that the new interface is difficult to learn. Well, Microsoft's Portugal branch has heard those complaints and has an answer.

In a new viral marketing video, Microsoft Portugal shows how it had a child teach potential consumers interested in Windows 8 how to use the operating system. In the video, seen above, consumers ask for a demonstration from a store worker, who proceeds to call his "colleague." That colleague turns out to be a child with a folding footstool who then walks the customers through the new Windows interface.

Among the Windows 8 features the child shows bewildered store attendees how to use are picture password, dynamic tiles and the new gestures in Windows 8. At the end of the video, a customer asks how much memory he'll need for Windows 8, to which the child then brings out another "colleague."

The video is somewhat reminiscent of Microsoft's Mojave Experiment marketing campaign the company used for Windows Vista following complaints about that operating system's user interface. Neowin has contacted Microsoft asking whether the viral video will be part of a larger marketing campaign and will update this article when a response is received.

Source: YouTube via istartedsomething

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