Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta Test Reboot

Testers who responded to the Microsoft call up to be re-included into the Windows Longhorn Server beta test have been notified that the test has been "restarted" under the old name "Windows Vista, Longhorn Server and IE 7 Beta"

The latest build, Windows Longhorn Server 6001-16406-061208-1900 for X86 and X64 is available for download and testing. As of yet there is still no final designation for the server version but we'd still like to speculate that it will end up as Windows Server 2007 seeing as Microsoft already made it clear when Windows Server 2003 was released that it intended to stay with the "Windows Server" branding.

Windows Longhorn Server didn't receive much attention at the Consumer Electronic Show, it was shadowed by Windows Vista and the Windows Home Server announcement, hopefully this will change when WinHEC hits later this year in LA.

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