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Wireless USB Product Designs

Led by Intel and its partners, Wireless USB devices or on the road to becoming available products: they are expected in early 2007. Testing plans for Certified Wireless USB and product reference designs were finally announced at the Intel Developer Forum. Manufacturers who wish to go through the process and receive a Certified Wireless USB logo will need to go through a list of self-tests and checklists. Staccato Communications, one of a number of chipmakers developing device silicon, has submitted six potential products to the FCC for certification, and has combined Bluetooth and WUSB technology into a single reference card. NEC claims that it has also developed a wired USB-to-WUSB adapter. Wireless USB technology can theoretically transfer data at up to 480 Mbits/s across a distance of a few meters.

News source: Extreme Tech
Link: Neowin Forum Discussion

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