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Wireless Users 'do more online'

The Pew Internet and American Life Project survey asked 798 US internet users about their wireless habits and sampled almost 2,300 people overall. The margin of error for the wireless questions was 3.8% with 95% confidence. The report characterised wireless as connecting to the internet using a wi-fi or mobile network and found such users "show deeper engagement with cyberspace." For example, 54% of internet users check e-mail daily compared to 72% of wireless users; 31% of internet users checked news online every day, compared to just under half of wireless users. Of those surveyed, 37% of the category had connected wirelessly from any location, 40% had laptops, 26% had wireless networks at home, and four in 10 had internet-enabled mobile phones.

People under 30 were the most likely group to access the internet wirelessly. As well, the survey found that the number of internet users with wireless at home nearly doubled, from January 2005 to December 2006. About 80% of those with wireless access at home also had broadband internet. The report speculated that wireless might allow for high-intensity use, which supported the idea that "the key feature of mobile communication is connectivity and not mobility". About 80% of laptops had wireless capabilities and 88% of laptop users said they had used a wireless network at home. Just over a third of laptop users used a wireless network at work. About six in 10 had connected somewhere outside their home or office.

News source: BBC News

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