With "zero explanations", Microsoft removes WSATools from the Microsoft Store

Goodbye to WSATools

Microsoft announced that Android Apps would be coming to Windows 11 back in June and the feature finally saw the light of day last month for Beta channel insiders. The apps however are available only via the Amazon Appstore, at least for now, which means users are missing out on a lot more cool, interesting, and useful software.

A developer has already created a hack to run Google Play Store on Windows 11 and a way to sideload android apps' APKs was also discovered using the Android Debug Bridge (adb) command-line tool method.

If users didn't want to deal with the hassle, a developer named Simone Franco created an application called WSATools that would take care of most of that and streamlined the process. What was great about WSATools was that it was hosted on the Microsoft Store itself giving users confidence in the app's reliability.

However, Microsoft has since removed WSATools from its Store. Franco says that the app was pulled without any prior warnings or notices which has left him puzzled. All that was left for him apparently was "a mail with zero explanations..."

WSATools could be back again in the future in some other form like being hosted on GitHub but currently, the developer says he is trying to get a proper explanation about the app's removal from Microsoft.

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