WLM 8.1 Beta News

Within the next two days you will be asked to install a new build of the Messenger 8.1 beta. Although the upgrade is optional, we ask that you install this build and file bugs for any issues that you encounter.

This build will be exactly like the current build you are testing except for one change. With this new build we have turned on special installation logging. This logging will increase the installation time significantly. This is expected for the beta only and we do not need you to file any bugs about the slow install experience.

Changes to the Location PSM feature - Those of you have tried out the new Location PSM feature have noticed it is quite buggy. Well, it is back to the drawing board. In an upcoming refresh, this feature will be removed. Therefore, we don't need any more Location PSM bugs. We thank all of you for giving it a try and giving us your feedback.

News source: Microsoft Connect

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