World's First Self-Playing Audio Book

Pick it up off the shelf, take it to the checkout and listen to it - is Playaway paving the future for audiobooks?

The 6 ounces of technology that make up this device are dripping with innovation. Playaway is the world's very first "pick up and go" self-playing audiobook solution, and it comes packed with features. Half the size of a pack of cards, the device squeezes in volume control, control over speed of narration, skip and jog forward/backwards, bookmarks and it even houses a small LCD panel.

Developed by a group called Findaway, it aims to please consumers on the go - and the company think there's a real market.

"People are ready for a product that finally makes portable digital content available in a simple and immediately usable format that fits into their life," said Christopher Celeste, co-founder of Findaway; "Everyone will enjoy the fact that they can get first-run books with first- rate digital audio without having to download it or buy a separate digital device."

Inside the packaging you'll find some earbuds, a lanyard and an AAA battery, fulfilling the developers goal of creating a simple to use, affordable and robust product.

The product joins a growing trend of seemingly "disposable" electronics, the most popular being that of the single-use mobile phone. However, have the public become too reliant on single-use products? And is this form of technology and attitude towards it helping preserve our planet?

The release date for Playaway is, as of yet, unconfirmed.

View: Playaway Homepage

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