WP7 Marketplace to open to 2,000 submissions on 11th

Today Microsoft announced that they will be opening their brand new Marketplace developer portal on October 11, 2010, for developers to submit their applications for approval. The new portal allows for a more streamlined application submission and certification; bringing together all the resources [a developer] needs to develop great apps and games for Windows Phone 7; and lets [a developer] manage apps [they] may have created for earlier versions of Windows Phone”.

However this initial opening of the Marketplace will be limited to “a couple thousand developers” only, to ensure that the new marketplace portal submissions system doesn’t get overloaded.

Microsoft say that “if your Windows Phone 7 app or game is ready and you'd like to be among the first to go through certification, please tell us by sending an email to myxapnow@Microsoft.com by Twelve Noon, PDT, October 6, 2010”.

Once an email has been received Microsoft will then evaluate the application on “a first come, first serve basis”. On October 11, the successful developers will then be notified on how to submit their xap to the new Marketplace portal.

If you are not already signed up to receive the Windows Phone Developer newsletter then you will not be able to apply to be in the first wave of submissions as Microsoft have several conditions for the first wave of successful applicants:

  • Your request for early access must come from the email address that received this newsletter; we will only accept requests from registered Marketplace developers
  • Your request must include the title of your app and a description of approximately 75 words
  • Requests that do not meet the October 6th deadline will not make the first wave of early access slots but will be evaluated for later waves in the order in which they were received
  • Optionally, please consider providing a screenshot or link to a video or blog description of your app to assist us in prioritizing the early access program

After the first wave of submissions are approved Microsoft will then expand the number of people who are able to submit their finished applications to the new Windows Phone Marketplace. This expansion will take place from October 12 and onwards.

Microsoft have also said that there have been over half a million downloads of the Windows Phone Developer tools which is part of the reason for the staggered rollout for submissions. Developers are required to use the RTM version of the developer tools to submit their applications to the Marketplace.

The company has also revealed that it will be holding several Windows Phone 7 "launch" events around the world on October 11 with one event in New York City being keynoted by CEO, Steve Ballmer.

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