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Zoho launches Ulaa browser to boost privacy, security, and productivity

The Ulaa browser in Work Mode

If you work in a business that gives you a work email address, there’s a good chance you’ve encountered Zoho. Zoho offers a whole range of services including email. Starting today, it’s also offering a new web browser called Ulaa which focuses on privacy, security, and productivity.

While Zoho is pitching privacy as the main selling point of Ulaa, its productivity features make it stand out. It comes with a feature called Dynamic Mode Switching that offers Personal Mode, Work Mode, Developer Mode, Kids Mode, and Open Season Mode. By flipping to Work Mode, the browser grabs apps, websites, and extensions that people use most for work to help you be more productive. Of course, it also blocks those pesky websites that are known to distract you from your work.

Personal Mode is where you’ll spend most of your downtime and get your typical browsing experience with enhanced privacy features. Kids Mode aims to make the net safe for children and gives them content to learn and explore online content. Open Season Mode will make Ulaa work more like Chrome, so you don’t get all the added privacy protections but websites will run as intended (some websites don’t like Ulaa’s privacy settings). Finally, Developer Mode is aimed at web developers and suggests extensions that make that job a bit easier.

When using Ulaa, the main control centre is the Smart Dashboard. From here, you can see your daily updates, current browser mode, frequently visited websites, favourites, reminders, and the ability to dish out work tasks to your team. The browser also has a dedicated space to take notes, an in-built annotator extension, and smart tabs grouping.

Ulaa’s strong focus on productivity really feels like a sign of the times. Since November, we’ve seen big tech laying off thousands of people and regurgitating the same line, “do more with less”. As inflation hits people’s pockets, getting more done really can be beneficial overall and Ulaa seems like it wants to focus on that.

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