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ZoomForge Offers Solution for Windows-based Systems

Security and organization has always been a weak spot for NTFS, the dominant file system of Microsoft's modern operating systems. ZoomForge Technologies suggests that they may have found a solution to this. ZoomForge states that they have developed a product that is not only focused on security, but usability and organization as well. The new software, entitled "Guardian Storage," revolutionizes storage in many ways including:

  • Security - ZoomForge claims that there are no trace of files sent into Guardian Storage. Files inside Guardian Storage are reportedly hidden from Windows and hackers, and Windows does not register their file size.

  • Tags - Rather than utilizing folders, Guardian Storage makes use of "tags" - a method for "categorizing" files. Files can contain more than one tag.

  • Search - Guardian Storage includes a search engine that's capable of searching your files while you type.

  • Shredder - Guardian Storage has a built-in shredder that overwrites your files before it's deleted.

  • Locking - Files and entire tags can be locked/unlocked with a password.

Additionally, ZoomForge offers an API for developers seeking to utilize the power of Guardian Storage on their site.

Download: Guardian Storage 1.0

News source: Softpedia

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