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Jonathan Downin
Washington, DC, US
10 March 2002
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Just a guy who grew up in Iowa, went to university in Japan, lived in China, moved back to the States, now runs a podcast website (, and loves all things games and tech; pizza is good too.

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iPhone 4 review roundup

· · Hot! with 23 comments

The release of iPhone 4 is still a couple days away, but the official embargo for reviews has been lifted. Many of the big names in tech have posted their reviews of Apple's latest and...


Nintendo 3DS graphics chip confirmed

· · Hot! with 25 comments

Japanese graphics house DMP has confirmed that their PICA200 GPU powers the Nintendo 3DS. Eurogamer's Digital Foundry goes in-depth on the hardware and points-out that the PICA200 is a fairly old design that was completed...