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Rumor: NBC to launch primetime video game show

Joystiq reports that NBC is in the process of developing a pilot episode of a video game-based primetime television show. According to their source, the initial episode will consist of footage shot during E3, including interviews with Microsoft's Kudo Tsunoda, and Mortal Kombat creator Ed Boon. TJ Allard, a former Ubisoft designer, and Audrey Cleo of PlayStation Qore are rumored to be hosting the endeavor.

Video game shows are nothing new, in fact, there is a whole channel in the US that is almost completely dedicated to such programming, but it is still a niche market. Countries like South Korea have managed to bring video game programming to the masses through televised StarCraft competitions, but that is a unique case. All attempts to televise gaming competition in a sports-like style have failed in the United States.

While people may not be interested in watching other people play games, an industry analysis and news show focusing on the games industry may have a chance. An episode focusing on the biggest and most excited gaming event of the year a good place to start. If people aren't brought in by that, they likely never will be. The tentative title for this potential show is "Game On."

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