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AT&T stores start receiving Windows Phone 7 promo materials

AT&T has reportedly started receiving promotional materials for the Launch of Windows Phone 7. Microsoft has stated that the launch is targeted for the fourth quarter, but this may point to a sooner than expected roll-out. Engadget points out that it is not unheard of for these types of material to hit in July for a September launch, but even September would be sooner than many expected.

With the recent death of the KIN, there is word that some of the team may have moved over to Windows Phone 7 development. While it is unlikely that this would shift a long-set launch schedule, it may help make sure that the new OS is ready for primetime when available.

Microsoft has been known to catch people off-guard with swift product launches in the past. Most recently, at the E3 announcement of the new Xbox 360 "slim," they shipped the product to retail within the same week.

For a launch that is potentially less than two months away, details are still rather scarce. In addition to no hard release date, aside from a wide window, there have been no announcement of hardware launch partners. Regardless, with some catching up to do, Microsoft would do well to get their first real foray into the current smartphone space on the market before the holiday buying season.

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