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AVC Sunflower and Skived Copper Cooler Review

Thanks Sam Burns for emailing us :D

bluescreenofdeth have reviewed two new coolers from AVC, the 'Sunflower' Cooler designed for the Pentium 4, and the 'Skived Copper Cooler' designed for Socket A Processors. Here's a quote from the review...

"First off we'll have a run through of what's on offer with the Sunflower Pentium 4 Cooler. The basic construction consists of a copper core, with aluminium/alloy fins spiralling out from it. The Aluminium fins are slightly bent near the bottom, which is supposedly intended to improve the cooling efficiency of the cooler somewhat. The heatsink come preassembled in a bracket designed to mount directly onto you motherboard. The fan fitted as default is a 70mm from AVC itself (at least badged AVC), is of medium power, and if you're so inclined it would certainly be possible to fit a more powerful fan to the sink."

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