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This week we've selected another review from Nexus18 for his Case Mate Tough review, you can view his previous review on the HTC One S posted two weeks ago here.


Firstly a huge thanks goes to MobileFun for providing me with the Case Mate Tough, they have a large range of accessories for any mobile device, so it is worth checking them out.

Many people are against cases for mobile devices as they don't like covering the mobiles aesthetic finish, compromising the thinness, weight and sometimes the feel of the device. Especially in the context of the HTC One S. Nevertheless, one doesn't want to play Russian Roulette with a £400 device; all it takes is one moment of carelessness or bad luck to undo even the most meticulous of owners. Especially when the HTC One S is prone to bad chipping marks. One bad fall and you face the possibility of a ruined mobile, a postage bill, and a week or two without the phone as it's getting repaired, and a bill at the end of it all.

Of course you could say "well then get a pouch", whilst this is fine when the mobile is not in use and is in the pouch, it doesn't do much good when you are actually using the device, which is when you are more likely to accidentally drop it and I personally find it more of a hassle trying to get the mobile in & out in the first place and thus more likely to drop it.

There aren't many cases to choose from for the HTC One S as the mobile has only been out for a few weeks now and still isn't released in certain parts of the world either yet, so hopefully in the next few weeks, we will see a lot more arriving.

I personally prefer the minimal thin hard plastic cases as they don't add much bulk at all and keep the front of the device looking very clean, however, there is one fault with the majority of this type, they don't cover all edges, particularly the top and bottom of the mobile, where as the rubber skins etc. do.

So onto the review now, it won't be too long as there isn't an awful lot to talk about, but there will be plenty of photos...

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