Quick Review: Firefox 4 multi-touch

Mozilla recently revealed that its newest beta of Firefox 4 supports multi-touch. Neowin recently received a Lenovo M90z with touch capabilities and has tested out Firefox's newest feature. 

We tested the new capabilities using a webpage designed to show off their potential.  In the video we demonstrate that this feature is not currently supported in IE 8 but works quite well in Firefox 4. 



The new capabilities offer a lot of potential for the touch based browsing experience.  If mass adoption of the multi-touch capabilities can be included across the web, tablet based browsing may become a much more pleasurable experience. 

The Firefox implementation works quite well and is fairly responsive.  While not perfect, you can see this when I make a sharp turn with my fingers in the video, for a first round implementation, its satisfactory.  The potential for this technology and implementation is huge, but will only be successful if many developers take advantage of it. 

While there are not many web pages that currently support the technology, as the user base of Firefox grows, and tablets become more engrained in our lives, expect to see this as the start of a new web browsing experience. 

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