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Zalman CNPS600-Cu Copper Cooler Review

"Zalman Tech needs little introduction already. Zalman Tech is a Korean base company. They started out as a small and humble company and have been around since their first establishment in the year 1999. Striving their way to be the number one in the heatsink market, they have successfully being recognized as one of the most renowned company who produces high quality performance product especially with their own patented product, Computer Noise Prevention System (CNPS). They are also well known for their Flower Heatsink (FHS). So, what's the fuss is all these terms about? We'll find it out more one the next few pages where we're going to take a deeper look into Zalman CNPS6000-Cu FHS!"

View: Zalman CNPS6000-Cu FHS Reviewed @ myWORLD Hardware

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