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Betterbird 102.10.0


Betterbird is a fine-tuned version of Mozilla Thunderbird, Thunderbird on steroids, if you will. Betterbird aims at providing a better user experience by fixing annoying bugs in Thunderbird and implementing new features. Please refer to this feature table for examples. This should give you an impression of where the project is headed.

Betterbird is a soft fork of Mozilla Thunderbird. Soft fork means that it is closely following the Thunderbird Extended Support Releases (ESR) therefore avoiding the mistakes of other forks which quickly lost track of upstream Thunderbird, thus opening users up to security vulnerabilities.

Is Betterbird for me?

If you like Thunderbird but are discouraged by too many bugs, then give Betterbird a try. It is 100% compatible with Thunderbird's ESR version. You can install the same dot release of Thunderbird in parallel and switch between Betterbird and Thunderbird on the same profile without problems and without needing the -allow-downgrade command line switch.

Betterbird 102.10.0-bb33 changelog:

Based on Thunderbird 102.10.0

Fixed in this version:

  • NEW - Improved display of complex search terms in filter editor, search window and virtual folder/saved searches window
  • NEW - Preference mail.multiselect_message_shows_current to disable summaries on multi-select and display the last selected message - Bug 364896
  • CHANGED - Newsgroup folders now display the last selected message when multiple messages are selected. This also applies when when preference mail.operate_on_msgs_in_collapsed_threads is set to false. - Bug 364896

Fixed in Betterbird, not fixed in Thunderbird 102.9.1 yet:

  • Fixes provided by the Betterbird project and integrated into Thunderbird to be released later

  • CHANGED - Improved the Sending progress dialogue: Now works during retry if previous dialogue was cancelled (fixed in 102.9.1) - Bug 1824624

  • FIXED - Hang when viewing HTML message with many links as plain text (possible denial of service attack vector) (fixed in 102.9.0) - Bug 1812386

  • FIXED - Subscribe/Unsubscribe buttons didn't check/uncheck the respective checkbox for the folder) (fixed in 102.7.1) - Bug 1813346

  • CHANGED - Selecting or unselecting a dictionary in the editor context menu doesn't close the menu (fixed in 102.0) - Bug 1761417

  • FIXED - Various problems when saving the compose window as file (fixed in 91.9.1) - Bug 1676825

  • FIXED - Status text sometimes displayed "null" (fixed in 91.9.0) - Bug 1766578

  • FIXED - .startup-incomplete not deleted from profile (fixed in 91.8.0) - Bug 1762043

  • FIXED - Inserting links with spaces gave random erroneous results (fixed in 91.0) [full release notes]

Download: Betterbird 102.10.0 | 52.1 MB (Freeware)
Download: Betterbird Portable 76.1 MB
View: Betterbird Homepage | Other Operating Systems

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