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Brave 1.58.127 [Update]

Brave Browser

Brave Browser is a lightning-fast, secure web browser that stands out from the competition with its focus on privacy, security, and speed. With features like HTTPS Everywhere and built-in tracker blocking, Brave keeps your online activities safe from prying eyes. Brave is one of the safest browsers on the market today. It blocks third-party data storage. It protects from browser fingerprinting. And it does all this by default.

Speed - Brave is built on Chromium, the same technology that powers Google Chrome, and is optimized for speed, providing a fast and responsive browsing experience.

Brave Browser also features Brave Rewards, a system that rewards users with Basic Attention Tokens (BAT) for viewing opt-in ads. This innovative system provides an alternative revenue model for content creators and a way to support the Brave community.

Brave Browser 1.58.124 changelog:

Note for macOS users: macOS 10.15 Catalina is required. For more information please see (here)


  • Added IPFS promotional infobar. (#32010)
  • Added Coinbase as an Onramp provider. (#32083)
  • Added support for EIP-6963. (#30595)
  • Added virtualized tokens list to the “Buy” and “Deposit” screens. (#31675)
  • Added loading skeleton and spinner to the “NFT” page. (#31485)
  • Added a “More” menu for each asset on the “Portfolio” page. (#30982)
  • Added filters to the “NFT” tab. (#31041)
  • Added grouping to the “NFT” tab. (#31342)
  • Added an empty state to the “Portfolio” page when filters are applied. (#31147)
  • Added the ability for users to choose which Solana account to choose when connecting to Solana DApps. (#31109)
  • Added the ability to allow selection of an existing “f1 address” as recipient when sending FEVM tokens. (#31101)
  • Added segmented controls to the “Asset Details” view. (#30981)
  • Implemented autofill of CoinGecko ID’s when adding custom tokens. (#31975)
  • Improved performance on the “Buy” screen of Brave Wallet. (#31685)
  • Improved balance scan performance. (#30779)
  • Moved IPFS banner to the “NFT” tab. (#31332)
  • Updated design on the “Wallet Unlock” screen. (#31603)
  • Updated design on the “Market” page. (#31611)
  • Updated design on the “Buy” screen. (#31384)
  • Updated design on the “Account Details” page. (#31617)
  • Updated design on the “Accounts” tab. (#31432)
  • Updated design on the “Visible Assets” modal. (#31389)
  • Updated Stripe logo and description. (#32226)
  • Updated NFT pinning eligibility text. (#30550)
  • Merged IPFS DNSLink and IPFS redirect settings into a single setting. (#31097)
  • Removed “Network” and “Account” groups with zero balance from display on the “Portfolio” page. (#31680)
  • Fixed Solana DApps to disconnect when permission is revoked. (#24974)
  • Fixed manually added assets not being added to the deposit list. (#31889)
  • Fixed wallet panel opening and closing on Magic Eden. (#31853)
  • Fixed issue where all tokens weren’t returned when restarting the browser directly into deposit screen. (#31669)
  • Fixed “Portfolio” page to retain the state of account list when page is reloaded or UI refreshes. (#31249)
  • Fixed inability to view NFT details when listed under hidden NFTs. (#31208)
  • Fixed assets being sorted by global level instead of group level on the “Portfolio” page. (#31602)
  • Fixed network selector background. (#31459)
  • Fixed “Portfolio” token list disappearing from view when “Visible assets” modal is displayed. (#31275)
  • Fixed overlap on the “Token details” menu when the token graph is loading. (#31263)


  • Added ZebPay as new custodial account provider for Brave Rewards (India only). (#32036)
  • Implemented “Manage Brave Ads” on the brave://rewards page. (#30637)


  • Added Speedreader options for themes, fonts, and text size. (#29075)
  • Added brave://flags/#brave-adblock-scriptlet-debug-logs flag for filter authors. (#31438)
  • Enabled download protection allow list. (#26183)
  • Improved vertical tab animation. (#30897)
  • Improved sidebar slide animation. (#25382 & #21992)
  • Updated “lock” icon to “tune” icon in address bar. (#31642)
  • Updated brave://settings page to load in a new tab when accessed via the settings button in the sidebar. (#31663)
  • Updated “Learn more” link on the “Lookalike URL” popup. (#31396)
  • Updated cosmetic filtering to force aggressive blocking on YouTube. (#30896)
  • Updated brave://flags/#brave-adblock-cookie-list-default to be enabled by default. (#29986)
  • Removed known tracking parameters “mtm_cid” and “pk_cid” from URLs. (#31084)
  • Fixed the New Tab Page displaying the same background image in certain cases. (#32359)
  • Fixed URL query filter regression caused by brave://flags/#brave-domain-block-1pes. (#32462)
  • Fixed “Expires” property in some Adblock lists is not being read and set properly. (#31238)
  • Upgraded Chromium to 117.0.5938.62. (#32945) (Changelog for 117.0.5938.62)

Brave 1.58.127 changelog:

Download: Brave Browser 64-bit | 1.3 MB (Freeware)
Download: Brave Browser 32-bit
View: Brave Homepage | Other Operating Systems | Screenshot

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