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Gravit Designer 3.2.6

Gravit Designer

Gravit Designer is a cross-platform, free design tool for the 21st century empowering everyone to design. It’s available on Windows, Mac, Linux and Chrome OS and comes with web and desktop apps.

Gravit offers unique design and interaction possibilities to design everything from logos to illustration and interactive prototypes for web, mobile and more.

Powerful yet easy-to-handle, Gravit has been custom designed from the ground up with an emphasis on versatility, fluidity and elegance – complex design tasks are made simple through its robust suite of tools and highly responsive smart work environment. Express yourself in a new way with Gravit – the new must-have tool for today’s pioneering design professionals!

Gravit’s advanced style-sharing features make it possible to share design assets between multiple documents, unifying your designs and saving you time. And creating those assets has never been easier - from common tasks like color palette selection to more advanced techniques like applying multiple-layered visual effects, our custom-designed styling system allows you to create complex and elegant designs with ease. A potent combination of simplicity and power – at every step.

Gravit is a tailor-made blend of powerful functionality and ease of use, custom-built to help you maximise your creative potential. Features like robust typography tools, paste-inside support, and a versatile context-sensitive user interface have all been laid out with efficiency in mind. A streamlined work space means a fluid workflow and a greater focus on what really matters – your creativity.

Gravit Designer 3.2.6 changelog:

  • More improvements to font importing: we still haven’t ironed out all bugs, but importing fonts should now work across all systems and platforms.
  • Made sure that all system fonts are now available in the desktop apps.
  • Solved a bug where a text layer is blank when added.
  • Added a warning if overlarge images are imported, that could harm the performance.
  • Switching between grid types doesn’t break the isometric grid anymore.
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box wasn’t correctly updated for nested groups.
  • Updated the iPhone presets on the welcome screen.
  • “Don’t display message again” on welcome screen missed the checkbox.
  • Made some improvements to SVG importing.
  • Clipped shapes are now resized correctly alongside other elements.
  • Fixed that Arial Black and some other fonts now display correctly.
  • Duplicating an element while the Transform tool is opened now retains the selection handles.
  • Fixed a bug where the file preview and the actual fill showed a different result.
  • Opening a new file doesn’t close old one anymore on Linux.
  • Exporting a PDF from “Make exportable” retains effects now.
  • Font weight field now shows the correct wight name instead of “Regular.”
  • Fixed a bug where the selection box didn’t show correctly for some layers.
  • Changed “Export > PDF” in the menu bar to “PDF Document (.pdf) at 72dpi” to prevent confusion about the expected output.
  • Fixed a problem with Surface Pro 4 device, that prevented filling input fields.
  • Improved loading of .gvdesign files.
  • Improved importing of PDF files.
  • Fixed PDF exporting indicator.
  • Added warning, that shows when there was a problem saving to the Gravit Cloud.
  • Performance improvements to grouping and moving elements.

Windows: Please be sure to remove the old version before installing Gravit Designer 3.2.6.
Please note that the app store versions (Windows, MacOS, Chrome OS) may take some days until they are available.

Download: Gravit Designer 3.2.6 (32-bit) | Portable | ~60.0 MB (Open Source)
Download: Gravit Designer 3.2.6 (64-bit) | Portable
Links: Gravit Home Page

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