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Mullvad Browser 12.5

Mullvad Browser

The Mullvad Browser is a privacy-focused web browser developed in a collaboration between Mullvad VPN and the Tor Project. It’s designed to minimize tracking and fingerprinting. You could say it’s a Tor Browser to use without the Tor Network. Instead, you can use it with a trustworthy VPN. The idea is to provide one more alternative – beside the Tor Network – to browse the internet with more privacy. To get as many people as possible to fight the big data gathering of today. To free the internet from mass surveillance.

The Mullvad browser is free of charge, open source, and can be used without Mullvad VPN (although the combination is recommended). It is supported across platforms (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

  • Privacy quality of the Tor Browser. To use with a VPN - Using a VPN is not enough to achieve perfect privacy online. There’s simply too much data being extracted through most browsers. The Mullvad Browser is a web browser with the privacy quality of the Tor Browser, to be used with a trustworthy VPN.
  • Strong anti-fingerprinting from the Tor Project - The Tor Project has a proven track record of building a privacy-focused browser. The Mullvad Browser has the same fingerprinting protection as the Tor Browser – it just connects to the internet with (or without) a VPN instead of the Tor Network.
  • No telemetry - Telemetry is unique data being collected by the browser to improve its performance. We don’t believe in collecting data about our users. So, with the Mullvad Browser we have removed all telemetry.
  • Privacy first - Mullvad VPN has a proven record of putting privacy first. With no strange business models or short-term venture capitalist owners. The Tor Project is a non-profit organization fighting for human rights.

Mullvad Browser 12.5 changelog:

All Platforms

  • Updated uBlock Origin to 1.50.0
  • Updated mullvad-browser-extension to version 0.8.3

Windows + macOS + Linux

  • Bug 41577: Disable profile migration [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41595: Disable pagethumbnails capturing [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41609: Move the disabling of Firefox Home (Activity Stream) to base-browser [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41668: Move part of the updater patches to base browser [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41686: Move the 'Bug 11641: Disable remoting by default' commit from base-browser to tor-browser [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41695: Port warning on maximized windows without letterboxing from torbutton [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41701: Reporting an extension does not work [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41711: Race condition when opening a new window in New Identity [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41736: Customize the default CustomizableUI toolbar using CustomizableUI.jsm [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41738: Replace the patch to disable live reload with its preference [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41775: Avoid re-defining some macros in nsUpdateDriver.cpp [tor-browser]

Windows + Linux

  • Bug 41654: UpdateInfo jumped into Data [tor-browser]


  • Bug 40860: Improve the transition from the old fontconfig file to the new one [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 41163: Many bundled fonts are blocked in Ubuntu/Fedora because of RFP [tor-browser]
  • Bug 41732: implement linux font whitelist as defense-in-depth [tor-browser]

Build System

All Platforms

  • Bug 40837: Rebase mullvad-browser build changes onto main [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 40870: Remove url without browser name from tools/signing/download-unsigned-sha256sums-gpg-signatures-from-people-tpo [tor-browser-build]

Windows + macOS + Linux

  • Bug 40826: Correctly set appname_marfile for basebrowser in tools/signing/nightly/update-responses-base-config.yml [tor-browser-build]
  • Bug 40866: Remove Using ansible to set up a nightly build machine from README [tor-browser-build]


  • Bug 40858: Create script to assist testers self sign Mac builds to allow running on Arm processors [tor-browser-build]

Download: Mullvad Browser 12.5 | macOS ~100 MB (Open Source)
View: Mullvad Browser Homepage | Mullvad Browser FAQ

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