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WebChangeMonitor 23.01


Monitors allows you to quickly check a number of web pages and tracks changes based on the content of the web pages. Allows to monitor several protocols, including HTTP and HTTPS. Allows to view and record differences. Available for Win7/10, Linux and others.

WebChangeMonitor features

  • Allows monitoring of web pages and informs about content changes
  • Indication of states of currently monitored items in the tool and taskbar
  • Reporting as sound and/or email as well as log file or HTML log
  • Several configuration / filter options
  • Support all protocols, e.g. http, https
  • Multi-threaded, running in the background
  • Bulk-import and bulk-export of items (from/to CSV) to monitor
  • Export of results to CSV file for further processing
  • Allows running command on items states and/or showing diff (changes) of content with preferred diff-tool ...and many more!
  • Open Source (C++, wxWidgets)
  • Cross platform for Windows (7/10), Linux, RPi and Mac (if self-compiled)

WebChangeMonitor 23.01 changelog:

  • implement Linux version for enumerating network interfaces
  • implement obtaining a list of network interfaces for later use
  • add HYPER version to about dialog
  • updated libJSONCons to v0.169.0
  • silent update to libCURL v7.87.0_2
  • return the "compare" menu to the menu position where it was before because its one of the most used menu items and would require an additional mouse click to call otherwise
  • added translation files to project
  • update copyright to new year
  • remove remaining UI artefacts
  • reduce menu flicker a lot (esp. if translated)
  • implemented generic tool registry ad tool attachment to address FR#182 Handle multi-page content elegantly
  • updated translations
  • fix menu acceleration editor in case the same label for menu items appear in different sub-menus (these items can now be differed correctly)

Download: WebChangeMonitor 64-bit | 8.8 MB (Open Source)
Download: WebChangeMonitor 32-bit | 7.8 MB
View: WebChangeMonitor Website | Other Operating Systems

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