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WebSite-Watcher 2017 17.0


WebSite-Watcher is a powerful yet simple website-monitoring tool, perfectly suited to the beginner and advanced user alike. If you can work with an email client, you can even work with WebSite-Watcher! The software places you in complete control over what gets checked, when it gets checked, and even how you are notified.

WebSite-Watcher main features:

  • Monitor web pages
  • Monitor password protected pages
  • Monitor forums for new postings and replies
  • Monitor RSS feeds, Newsgroups and local files
  • Highlight changes in a page
  • Powerful filter system to ignore unwanted content
  • Many more features to stay up-to-date!

WebSite-Watcher 2017 17.0 changelog:

  • Abitlity to run multiple instances of WebSite-Watcher on the same PC. To run a second instance of WebSite-Watcher, you have to install a second copy of WebSite-Watcher as portable edition into a separate folder which can then be started and executed simultaneously to the first installation.
  • Cloud Sync: New feature to synchronize a bookmark database via the Cloud or a local/network drive. For example if you use WebSite-Watcher on your PC and on your notebook, you can easily synchronize your bookmark database via the Cloud. All data stored in the Cloud is encrypted with AES-256. This feature replaces the old Synchronize feature that was available in WebSite-Watcher 2016 and prior.
  • Bookmark properties + Advanced + Open page: Option to always open the checked bookmark in your external browser. You can use that option if opening a bookmark crashes the internal browser.
  • The bookmark actions "Send e-mail" and "Open bookmark" no longer need the action "Mark as read" when the bookmarks aren't opened within WebSite-Watcher. This work flow is now detected and handled automatically by WebSite-Watcher. A missing "Mark as read" action was often the culprit of a wrong behavior when sending out e-mails. To disable that new automatism, you can use the program tweak: ActionsAutomaticallyMarkAsRead=0
  • Send e-mail in text format + attach files: WSW now creates a ZIP file with related CSS/image files and attaches the ZIP (instead of just the HTML files without CSS/image files). The old behavior to send just HTML files without CSS/images can be enabled with the program tweak: ActionsSendMailAttachAsZip=0
  • New option "Don't display images" (in: Bookmark properties + Advanced + Images). Use that option if images overlap other areas in the page.
  • Script: New command CloudSync to synchronize bookmarks via Cloud
  • Performance improvement on certain PCs when checking bookmarks, especially on PCs without SSD
  • WebSite-Watcher supports images that are embedded in the source web pages or RSS feeds
  • RSS/Atom feeds - Black/Whitelist: Button "Test selected line" [full release notes]

Download: WebSite-Watcher 2017 17.0 | 29.4 MB (Shareware)
View: WebSite-Watcher Website

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