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SaaS Security Is Taking Off, Are You In? — free eBook download

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Saas apps are exploding in use, with good reason, bringing Saas security to front of mind.

While these cloud-based applications offer increased efficiency and productivity to an organization, there are significant threats placing organizations at risk for data leaks. Security leads face these threats everyday. Unfortunately, in the rush to maintain productivity and introduce new SaaS applications, security is often overlooking by vendors, users and organizations.

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Our SaaS cybersecurity strategy is built on four key pillars.

  1. Visibility
    You can’t secure SaaS if you lack visibility into the risks associated with each app and user. That’s why Wing offers discovery and displays the security status and ranking of each app, and highlights where the greatest risks lie. We also show which apps are dormant, but still have access to your data, allowing the user to simply disconnect those apps no longer used.
  2. Response
    Knowing where SaaS risks lie is only half the battle. Just as important is being able to respond quickly. Wing does this, first, by giving end-users the opportunity to recognize and remediate SaaS security threats. But if they don’t remediate them effectively, Wing empowers cybersecurity teams to respond or create default to remediate automatically.
  3. Automation
    Given the large number of SaaS resources that organizations frequently use, and the decentralized nature of those apps, it’s not practical to manage security risks manually. Wing gives you an automated solution that discovers, assesses and helps to remediate risks without relying on manual workflows. This saves your security team valuable resources and ensures security issues are taken care of.
  4. Holistic management
    You shouldn’t have to monitor and run several SaaS security solutions to secure all your SaaS applications running in your organization and accessing your data. Wing covers all major SaaS related risks, providing you a 360° approach to SaaS security management.

In this ebook, we outline (beyond the obvious reasons) how and why Saas security is actually good for business.

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