$35 Raspberry Pi PC now made in the UK

Earlier this year, the UK-based Raspberry Pi Foundation started shipping the first units of the highly anticipated Raspberry Pi PC. The Linux-based PC was completely bare bones in construction (it doesn't even come with a case) but it sells for $35.

However, those first units were made in Chinese-based factories, and that's something that the foundation wanted to change almost immediately. This week, the Raspberry Pi blog revealed that the new units of the PC are now being assembled in the UK itself.

Specifically, the PC units are now being made at Sony’s factory in Pencoed, South Wales. Liz Upton, wife of Raspberry Pi inventor Eben Upton, states in the blog.

It’s an incredibly impressive affair; the quietest, pleasantest plant I’ve ever been in, all comfortable lighting, ergonomic workspaces, cool air and relaxed staff. Sony’s quality control system is legendary, their ability to manufacture fast and cleanly is superb, and they’ve already invested in adding PoP (Package on Package – the fiddly stuff where the Broadcom chip at the heart of the Raspberry Pi is stacked beneath the RAM chip) hardware manufacture ability and expansion capability just for us.

The partnership will result in 30,000 Raspberry Pi PCs being made at the Pencoed plant every month.

The blog also adds that the promised $25 Raspberry Pi PC is still in the works and will start shipping before the end of 2012.

Source: Raspberry Pi blog | Image via Raspberry Pi

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