According to IDC, majority of surveyed U.S. consumers are satisfied with Windows 10

Earlier this month Microsoft revealed interesting details related to Windows 10 consumer usage, with the operating system setting a milestone for the company last year by being used for over 11 billion hours during December alone. This metric, along with others, led the company to claim that it has seen "significantly higher customer satisfaction with Windows 10 than any other prior version of Windows."

The recently published results of an online IDC survey conducted in September of last year lend credence to Microsoft's claim, as the majority of participants responded favorably to the company's latest operating system. The survey was answered by approximately 1,000 respondents and consisted of a series of questions related to Windows usage and consumer satisfaction.

Respondents were asked to confirm which version of the Windows operating system they were using. Windows 10 received the most votes—an approximate 30%—while older Windows operating systems, including Windows 7 and Windows 8, respectfully received an approximate 28% and 27% of votes. When asked about their satisfaction with Windows 10, over 60% of respondents running the operating system gave it a "favorable" or "very favorable" assessment, and only 10% rated the operating system unfavorably.

The survey also revealed insight about the upgrade procedure used by the respondents, with the majority opting for Windows 10 because of an upgrade notification that Microsoft has pushed out to older versions of Windows. While the upgrade notification may be a source of ire for some users, the survey suggests that those who upgraded because of it were not displeased with their choice.

It is important to note that while the results of the survey are not necessarily reflective of all users— especially when one considers the small number of participants—they show that the majority of participants had a favorable opinion of Windows 10 even shortly after it was released to manufacturing, which is consistent with Microsoft's recent comments regarding user satisfaction.

This is not the first time that a source other than Microsoft has indicated that users enjoy the company's latest operating system: in last August, for example, the social media monitoring company Brandwatch suggested that consumer reaction to Windows 10 was positive based on an analysis of reactions observed on social media and other outlets.

Source: ComputerWorld via ghacks

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