Ahead of new flagships, the low-end is still dominating Windows Phone

Just as we’re moving closer to towards the launch of Microsoft’s newest flagship phones, it seems like Windows Phone’s incredibly modest success still relies on the low-end of the market.

The latest data from AdDuplex, the cross-promotion network, is in and it looks like Microsoft’s low-end devices are still the only ones that count. That includes the recently launched Lumia 640 and 640 XL, both of which are capable, affordable devices.

Those two, alongside the even more affordable Lumia 435, have seen their share of the Windows Phone ecosystem go up these past few months. Meanwhile the charts are still dominated by older low-end models, like the Lumia 52x and 53x series, which are still going strong in many markets.

That being said, there’s clear enthusiasm for the future. Though it’s still months away from being released, Windows 10 Mobile is now running on nearly three percent of all Windows Phones, a proportion that keeps growing month to month.

Hopefully, fans won’t have to wait much longer, until Microsoft officially unveils the new OS and its flagship devices. But if you just can’t wait we’ve got their entire spec sheets to hold you over.

Source: AdDuplex

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